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Ready to Earn as a Rover?

Rovers are Partner Drivers on the One Rover platform that have been approved to facilitate rideshare trips.

Earn: Our Services

Real Earnings

Earnings that are true to the
services you provide.


Real Flexibility

Earn with the ability to take Real Time Off.

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Real Options

Sometimes you need a bit more control over your Ride.

Image by Annie Spratt

Real Savings

Enroll in our rewards system with real cash discounts

Get Paid after Every Ride or Cash Out Any Time

Earn: Text

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You’ll need to meet the age requirement for your region, have a smartphone, and pass an online DMV and background check. Requirements vary across cities.

Fair Earnings

Rovers are often rewarded with higher payouts on trips and deliveries than Uber and Lyft alternatives.

Need a car?

The only rideshare Platform that offers choice of rental carriers to facilitate ride requests on platform.

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